Metal Roof Repair in Boca Raton

Many homes and buildings use metal roofing because of the overall durability. You can choose to install zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, or steel. However, their high quality does not make metal roofs immune to inevitable problems. Our roof experts in will help you repair any damage, as well as replace an older roof. 

A common problem among metal roofs is leaking. A leak can occur at any spot on your roof:and the seams, vents, fasteners, or gutters. What causes your roof to leak? Weather and the environment play a significant role. Heavy rain and hail can cause your roof to rust and corrode. Exposure to the elements can also cause part of your roof, such as the seams, to expand and cause gaps, increasing the likelihood of leaks. 

There is also the possibility of mold developing from the rain that compounds on these leaks, causing damage to your home’s interior.


open metal seam

Open seams in metal roofs

Open seams in metal roofs are big leakers. Repairs are usually to all the seams on the roof. We use acrylic mastic and reinforcing polyester membrane.

Corrosion on Metal Roofs

There are two methods usually employed to repair corrosion on metal roofs. The first is to spray apply a rust neutralizer followed by an application of and acrylic roof coating. The second is to spray apply vapor barrier coating. These coating are applied directly to the rusting metal and they prevent oxygen from getting to the rust. No oxygen, no more rusting. It basically stop the metal from further rusting

corrosion on metal roof
exposed fasteners

Exposed Fasteners on the Roof

This a very common problem. This is caused by the expansion and contraction of the roof during the extreme temperature changes experienced throughout the day and from season to season. Also, the compression gasket can deteriorate and crack allowing the roof to leak. To fix this deficiency re-tighten every screw on the roof and apply a dollop of sealant on each fastener head 


Maintaining your metal roof

The Preventive Maintenance team is ready to help with all problems related to your metal roof. We will inspect your roof fasteners and replace any that may have been damaged or become loose over time. Our roofers will also replace your older panels with newer, more durable ones. Panel replacement will take some time, but it is a great investment for the longevity of your roof.


Metal roofs are a safe option for homeowners. For damages that happen over time, look to Boca Raton’s expert roofing contractors. Call us today at (561) 586-5655 for free repair estimates and guaranteed quality service.


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