Additions and Enclosures – Florida Rooms, Sunrooms, Enclosed Patios  and Carports

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Are you looking to build an enclosure for your home?

The Construction of Additions and Enclosures

Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company are experts at planning and constructing additions and enclosures for homes in South Florida. The many kinds of enclosures, like back porch patios, lanais, patio enclosures  and sunrooms can add great benefit to your home or commercial building.

Our additions and enclosures stay cooler in our warm climate because of the insulated panel design. Our closed-air additions are easily cooled saving a lot of money on expensive air conditioning during our sizzling Summer months.

But, these structures need to be built correctly. It takes excellent planning to create a new home environment. We guarantee that you will enjoy your new addition or enclosure, not to mention the added resale value it will provide when it comes time to sell your home.

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Porch and Lanai Enclosures

Front porch, back porch, side porch, it doesn’t matter. Let us turn that outdoor space into a phenomenal indoor space. Dont have a have a front or back porch? That’s not a problem, we can build you one.

Existing Patios and Porches Converted to Comfortable Enclosed Living Space

Preventive Maintenance Support Services Company has been providing cost effective enclosure solutions for years. We design and install Acrylic Window Sunrooms for homeowners throughout South Florida at the very best prices. We serve all of Palm Beach and some parts of Broward Counties.

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Our Acrylic Window Sun Rooms can be basic or extravagant, depending on your requirements. These porch enclosures are insulated and economical to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We can install a ductless a/c system that is very quiet and effective.

Our aluminum-framed Acrylic Windows are made custom to whatever size you need. Don’t worry about sizing requirements. We make our windows to fit perfectly. We custom design every Solarium, so you can be sure that your new living space is perfect.


Acrylic Window Sun Rooms Converted from your existing Screen Enclosure

Removable Windows for Sunrooms

Our Acrylic Windows slide open vertically or horizontally and we can place them in the screen enclosure openings that you already have. On mild days you can open the windows, so you can enjoy the breeze but keep out mosquitoes and other insects and flying pests out. We install mesh that’s right for the area you call home, making sure that even the tiniest no-seeums bother you. And best of all, the window sliders are very easy to remove if you need while maintaining the highest level of security


Insulated Acrylic Window Sunrooms Keep Out the Heat

The roof and wall panels on our Sunrooms are foam-insulated up to an R-19.

Our insulated roof panels can stay factory finish or be covered to match the roofing on your house. The inside panels come in varying colors and texture and provide a neat finished appearance.

Our insulated roofing system is designed to form a watertight seal against rain.  Even a  Florida microbursts won’t be able to penetrate the.  The skylights are highly emissive and while they let lots of light in, the heat load is kept to a minimum.

Please scroll through the gallery below to see some of our many options

pool table enclosure
enclose your patio
water sunroom


Your car deserves an aluminum carport. Shelter your car or boat from rain, hail, snow, and blistering heat. Our carports are made from aluminum, custom cut to the size that fits your needs. Our aluminum carports have the handsome baked-on finish as well as the strength of aluminum to give you beauty, durability, and minimal maintenance cost.

  • Our Flat Pan Covers are also great for patio covers and covered walkways.
  • Engineered to meet all standards
  • Customized for your home
  • Adds beautiful additions to your home at very economical prices
  • Many color combinations to choose from
  • Beauty, rugged construction, maintenance free, clean line design


Aluminum Carports
Walkway Covers
Patio Covers
Overhead Marquees

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Home Additions

Sometimes building an enclosure does not really serve the purpose you have in mind. Maybe you need an additional bedroom or you want to make your kitchen bigger by moving the wall out. Building a new addition is a little more complicated than adding an enclosure. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Adding an addition onto your home involves these steps.

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  • First, we have to determine if there is room on your property to build the additon where you want it. To do this we will need a copy of your survey
  • Pour a new concrete slab to build the addition on
  • Construct the additions walls.  This is done with wood or concrete blocks.
  • Add windows and doors for the addition
  • Build a roof over the new space. New roofs can be flat or sloped to match the existing roof on your home
  • Make an entrance for the addition in what used to be your exterior wall
  • Finish the interior with drywall, lighting and such

Adding a home addition to your home is a big undertaking, but a well-planned home extension will pay for itself in a short period of time. Increase your home’s value and add to its square footage with a beautiful home addition. The results of a properly designed and built home addition combine the benefits of more space and good looks.  Properly done, a new addition will complement the existing homes design. Whether you are planning a one-room home addition, a second-story add-on, or an outdoor room, we are the right contractor for the job. 

Building a new addition on your home is a complicated process and you really need a professional like PMSS on your side to help you successfully navigate and complete the task

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