Roof repairs completed properly will add years of additional service roof life for your home or business. Good roof repairs will improve the overall performance and life expectancy for the roof. It’s simple, roofs in good condition last longer. But, there is a big difference between a roof patch and a roof repair. Most roofers just install a patch over the damaged area. They use self-adhering materials to make their work easy. We will not do that! Preventive Support services can assess the roof and make recommendations for repairs. As a guide, we follow the ABCs of roofing maintenance.

The letter A stands for ‘’attention for detail”.In our repair practice, we put forward attention to detail.  We aim to provide the best toachieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task to provides accurate, and consistent result. Every roofing project requires different tools, materials, and techniques, and we understand exactly what your building needs. We've completed thousands of projects using only the highest-quality materials and innovative techniques because we know that building or repairing a sturdy roof involves much more than nailing shingles in place. The Preventive Supports uses a unique step-by-step process that includes a thorough inspection and an attention to detail that no other roofing company can provide.

The letter B stands for “best roofing practices”.The roof is an essential part of the building, and providing the best roofing practices is the only way to make the roof everlasting. In the Preventive supports, the best roofing practices are always put forward. Best roofing practices are only services that we offer in our roofing services. We make sure that roofing is installed safely and efficient manner. In addition to that, we also aim to drive down the number of call-backs and defects to zero.About 60% of the repairs we make have been patched by another roofer before. Our crews are trained to completely demolish the affected area. We remove all of the roofing materials to the exposed plywood. Then we replace any rotten wood and install all new roofing materials of equal or better quality than the existing. Our roof repairs are guaranteed to stop the leak on our first visit. Without exception, we are the best roof repair contractor in South Florida.

Letter c stands for “continuous supervision”. Roofing requires to be under supervision, and we can provide that. Constant or frequent supervision are required to stop and to prevent further damages.  We provide regular maintenance to regularly inspect the roof, check its condition, and check the condition of under-roof or attic ventilation. We also always available for our customer in any questions about special problems that the roof has and what to do to solve them. In addition to that, The Preventive Support has recruited only trained personnel and most of them have continuous supervision. We make sure that the roofing supervisors see to the jobs continually, every day, and they, too, are well trained and experienced roofers.


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