Patio Post Repair

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Any home or its components need looking after and maintenance, as they wear and age with time. Patio post repair is an essential part of the upkeep of your home. A damaged column supporting the front or back porch can bring down the roof in case of a summer thunderstorm or a hurricane. It is not easy to repair a broken, rusted and damaged column. However, you need not worry as professional help is just a call away. Those experts have been working on patio post repair for decades and replacing support columns.

Removing the Existing Column

The professional service providers will remove the old columns first before replacing them with the new and improved ones. There is a need to install temporary support as the columns to be replaced are supporting a heavy roof. Roof jacks and scaffolding is used for the takes. Wood supports need to be cut to size and they need to be longer than the columns. Roof jacks are sturdier and are adjusted to the right size and prevent any additional damage on the underside of the roof.

Replacing the porch column

Things are no longer done like in the old days or old ways. Let the expert crews replace the porch column and you can be free of any worries about it.

There are porch columns that have been installed for aesthetics purposes and not for providing any structural support. It is the columns placed on corners bear the maximum of the load. It is best to provide temporary supports before removing any columns. A small piece of wood is placed on the top of the jack and under the roof when working with the roof jack. This allows more surface area for the jack and distributes the weight better. The footing of the columns and where the column will get fixed to the roof are marked for the temporary roof support. Those markings work as the reference points for the installation of the new column when carrying out patio post repair.

For the columns fixed to the guard or handrail system, the rail is first detached from the columns and may need temporary support until it gets fixed to the new column. Any casing or trim at both ends of the column are removed. Removing the wood glue, or nails should be done carefully as it can damage the columns beyond repair. When the flange is used for the connection, it is essential to remove the screws to disconnect the column.

Setting up the New Patio post

Porch columns are made from steel, wood, concrete or aluminum. For the patio post repair, it is essential to choose the right material. Wood is inexpensive but can split or warp. Thus, the wood column replacement may sound inexpensive, but you may not be happy with the results down the road. Steel is a good choice because of it does not rust and is strong. However, where the steel support column gets sunk in concrete, the concrete can begin to rust because of its contact with the steel. Thus, use of steel for patio post repair and replacement of columns is not advised. Concrete, the next options, makes for a good choice as it does not split, warp or rust. The downside of concrete posts is that they are very heavy and not easy to transport. Aluminum is another choice and is perfect as it is lighter, strong and does not split warp or rust.


damaged post

damaged post before repairing

repairing a support column

A new support column

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