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Ceiling stains are challenging to repair because the area where the water entered your home is oftentimes at a distance from where the water is actually coming through the ceiling. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle this problem alone. Our ceiling stain removal services cover Boca Raton and surrounding areas. We can quickly identify the source of your ceiling stain and repair the problem so no further damage can develop.

What Causes Ceiling Stains?

A common roofing problem for Floridians is that water can drip inside the home from a nailhead in the roof. A nail that was not correctly hammered into the roof will lead to water leaking through the nail hole. The water will then drip into the your home; if you have an attic, the water will land on one of the ceiling beams. It will then travel down the beam to the other end of the house, where it drips through the insulation and onto the sheetrock ceiling.

If you have any fixtures installed on your roof, such as an air conditioning unit, vents, rain gutters, and even chimneys, make sure any gaps are properly flashed (sealed with metal). Rain water can enter the roof along the seams where the fixture and the roof meet, and the water can then find its way to your home’s ceiling. Applying flashing will close any gaps and prevent unnecessary leaking.

Ceiling stains can also be caused by bathroom exhaust fans. If you notice staining on the ceiling around the fan vent, this is the result of condensation. The fan will be connected to non-insulated ductwork, which runs through the attic and does not make an airtight connection with the roof cap. The moisture that is supposed to exit your home now condenses along the duct, and gravity brings it back into the home.

Active Vs. Inactive Ceiling Stain Leaks

Our roofing team will use a moisture meter on your ceiling stain to identify whether the leak causing the stain is active or not.

If the ceiling stain is still active, or wet, we will track down the source of the leak and determine the most effective repair method to stop the leaking. However, if the ceiling stain has been dry for some time, it could mean that the issue no longer exists or a repair had recently been completed.

The status of your ceiling stain, whether it is wet or dry, can be temporary. As a result, we will closely examine the area where the water entered your home to better determine the extent of repair needed. Once the repair is complete, we will then assist you in removing the ceiling stain to make your room look like new again.

Call Us For Professional Ceiling Stain Removal

Identifying the source of a ceiling stain can be very frustrating for the individual homeowner. In many cases, if you see a stain in one room, the repair could be needed at the other end of the home! Our roofing specialists will help you identify the root cause of your ceiling stain and perform the necessary repair and removal process.

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